Turbo Ventilator

These ventilators are installed in various places on roofing sheets. The constitutes of material are made of Stainless Steel or Aluminium which needs no maintenance,


Ridge Ventilator

These ventilators installed as continuos or singe units.  They are designed for mounting to the building ridge for using gravity flow to exhaust heat



  • Ventilators are natural, economical and effective way of exhausting air round the clock without power or operating cost
  • Absolute low costs.  No maintenance costs & No electricity cost
  • Compete assurance of air ventilation for 365 days
  • It is leak proof, hence does not allow water to enter inside.
  • Easy to install on existing old or new roof of any type.
  • They can exhaust the hot air, waste gas, dust and other harmful gas from the workshop so as to better the working surroundings

Material of construction:

  • Aluminium, & Stainless steel
  • Heavy Duty Bearing & Nylon Bushes
  • Base - FRP accordance with roof sheet profile 3 mm. thick
  • Throat size 600 mm. dia.



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